Taliban Take Over Military Base – Dozens of Afghan Soldiers Killed


In the fresh wave of attack Taliban have captured major military base of Badghis killing dozens of afghan soldiers.

According to Reuters news, the provincial Governor of the Badghis province Abdul Qafoor Malikzai confirmed 30 afghan security personnel have been killed and a military base has been completely taken over by the Taliban in the district of Balamerghab as a result of fresh offensive after EID (A Muslim holiday observing end of holy month of Ramadan).

President Ashraf Ghani had extended the Eid ceasefire to 10 days which was not accepted by Taliban. Ashraf ghani’s ceasefire was bitterly criticized with in the government circles as it was believed to allow Taliban an opportunity to enter into the cities including Kabul.The attack came just two days after the declared ceasefire from Taliban had ended.

According to sources the attack on military base in Badghis was extremely intense. It came from all direction there was little that could be have been done by Afghan Security Forces. However heavy fighting continued for hours and heavy casualties are also reported on Taliban side.



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