Iranian Govt arrests Gymnast for posting dance video on Instagram.


Maedeh Hojabri a teenager has been arrested in Iran for putting a video of herself dancing on Instagram without a headscarf.

Iranian officials have arrested a number of teenagers from posting objectionable videos on Instagram .  Maedeh while appearing on TV claimed that she had been made to confess forcefully and her intention was not for attracting attention rather I had few followers and I made these videos for them. She Added I had never encouraged others to do same and my interest is only in gymnastics.

Her account, which has been suspended, was reported to have had more than 600,000 followers. After her arrest, her videos have been shared all across the world making her a celebrity.

Most of the video made by Maedeh are filmed by an ordinary camera in her bedroom in which she can be seen dancing on western pop and rap and exposing his figure which is a crime as per Iran’s Law.

In Iran for a woman to dance, wearing clothes that reveal her body in public is a punishable crime, human rights activist all across the world have condemned the actions taken by Irani government against the teenager.




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