Syria’s Civil war likely to end where It began in Daraa


As Syria’s civil war winds to a close after 7 years of violent and bloody conflict the end seems near on the horizon. The Syrian Arab Army backed by Russian airstrikes have slowly whittled away the rebels territory across Syria. Just last month one of the largest rebel pockets in Homs province surrendered and accepted reconciliation with the Syrian government without a single shot being fired. With recent government gains in Homs and Damascus, the Syrian Army has been able to free up vast amounts of manpower. Over the last 3 weeks, large convoys were seen headed south from the capital Damascus towards Daraa province along the border with Jordan.

The Syrian Uprising started 7 years ago in Daraa of the 6th of March in 2011 when 15 young men were arrested for writing anti-Assad graffiti on a wall. Many of the young men were tortur

ed and it sparked a national outrage as the winds of the Arab Spring were still blowing strong throughout the Middle East. Now after seven years, 300,000 dead and an entire countries fabric ripped apart by a vicious and violent civil war the Syrian Arab Army is poised to put an end to the region proxy war once and for all. What remains to be seen is can The Syrian state reconcile and integrate their former countrymen who once took up arms against them, for that only time will tell.


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