Syria’s Assad Rules Out Negotiating With Trump as “Waste Of Time”

File photo.

Syria’s president Assad recently said in an interview with  Russia’s NTV news channel on Saturday that talking with Trump would be a “complete waste of time” in his words. When asked whether or not he thought it was necessary to talk with the US president, Mr. Assad said “he believed it was necessary to talk with our opponent is productive, but in this case and since 1974 we have not achieve anything from them “Mr. Assad went on to explain that US politicians do not fight on behalf of their people but instead work for the interests of large corporations and their lobbies who they must answer too. He said “We don’t talk to Americans because they are Americans, we talk to people if it benefits us”. Over the last six months as the Syrian Army has advanced on multiple fronts whether or not the US is willing to negotiate with the Assad Regime in return for security and keeping out the Islamic State all of which remain to be seen.


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