Jordanian forces mobilize troops on Syrian border


A large garrison of tanks and troops was seen mobilizing in the Jordanian city of Irbid late Thursday night and into Friday morning. The convoy was spotted by locals headed north towards the Syrian city of Daraa and the joint US-Jordanian base at Al-Tanf.These developments come less than 24 hours since it was reported that the US had struck Syrian Army positions with airstrikes close to the base at Al-Tanf. Unconfirmed sources on the ground have hinted that Jordan along with its American allies may be preparing for an operation inside Syrian territory. The news comes on the eve of a large scale offensive launched by Syrian government forces in a bid to retake all of Daraa governorate and calls from the UN and many in the international community to broker a peace agreement before more lives are lost. Stay tuned to newswatchpakistan for the latest updates.



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