American Airstrikes on Syrian soldiers fighting ISIS


Airstrikes reportedly hit Syrian Army and Hezbollah positions in the desert east of Damascus late Thursday night. In the days before the strike, the Syrian Arab Army backed by Hezbollah launched a three sided attack against the Islamic State group stationed in the Syrian Desert close to the Jordanian and Iraqi borders. The area has been one of the last few bastions of the terror group in Syria as they attempt to regroup after devastating loses in Raqqa and Mosul earlier last year. Syrian Forces and US backed rebels at the Al-Tanf border crossing have clashed many times in the past. Earlier in the year US forces attacked the Iranian backed Liwa Al Baqir brigade with precision airstrikes who were attempting to move in on the base.

Reports were sketchy as of early Friday morning but unconfirmed sources in the Syrian Army said that large reinforcements of Jordanian and American special forces were headed to the Al-Tanf base and border crossing to protect against possible ISIS attack as they flee from the Syrian Army offensive across the border in Syria to Jordan. The story is continuing to develop and we will keep you updated with all the breaking news.


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