Egypt Demands Investigation After World Cup Loss


After Egypt’s defeat against Russia in the 2018 FIFA World Cup and along with it their dreams of making it to the final stages, The Football Association of Egypt has asked for an investigation into the referee Enrique Caceres.“We want an investigation into the performance of the whole refereeing team. It is our right to complain and ask for an investigation,” said Hany Abu Rida, Egypt’s FA President.

Egypt’s head football official also said that the team should have been awarded a penalty after Marwan Mohsen was tripped by Russia’s Ilya Kutepov. “The referee should have used VAR to check and award the penalty. They should have also seen that Fathi had been pushed,” said Abu Rida. The Football Association of Egypt is expected to submit a formal complaint to FIFA within the next few days. Egypt will play its final game of the 2018 World Cup against Saudi Arabia at 4:00pm.


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