Poor’s Representatives Declare their Assets


Pakistan’s top politicians and party heads own assets worth billions of rupees according to the documents submitted by them along with their nomination papers.

Following are the details of the Assets of top politicians representing a country whose majority lives below Poverty line.

Maryam Nawaz (Total Assets: Rs 845,953,559)

The daughter of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, speaks to media after appearing before an anti-corruption commission at the Federal Judicial Academy in Islamabad on July 5, 2017. (Photo credit should read AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Maryam owns 1506 kanals agriculture land. In last three years, her landholding increased to 548 kannals. The earning against the aforementioned landholding has been declared as Rs.11587268 with the tax payment of Rs. 1703590.
  • She has shares in Chaudhry Sugar mills, Hudaibiya Paper Mills, Hudaibiya engineering, and Hamza Spinning Mills. She has also given a loan of rupee 3.4 million and 7 million to a floor mill and to soft energy Private limited respectively.

Hamza Shahbaz (Total assets: Rs411,540,310)

  • Has plots worth 136 million
  • Owns Agriculture Land of 30 million on 150 kanals.
  • Has shares worth Rupee 133 million in twenty-one different companies including sugar and textile mills.
  • Owns no vehicles as per the documents
  • Hamza declared to have prize bonds worth 4.4 million
  • His wives collectively have assets worth 41.6 million.

Shahbaz Sharif (Total assets: Rs159,010,066)

  • Owns Property worth 14.8 million in Muree and Lahore
  • Owns agriculture land worth 35000 rupees on 670 kannals.
  • Property in London worth £241,281 and £677,014
  • Including Hudaibiya paper mills have shares in various Mills worth 273000. It is stated that all has been inherited.
  • Has a land cruiser (2006 model) worth 6.3 million. It is stated that the car was also a “partial gift”
  • In terms of prize bonds and bank balance owns 11.4 million rupees.
  • His two wives collectively own 92.4 million worth of Assets.

 Pervez Musharraf (Net Assets: 34.2 million)

  • Has declared his occupation as a Freelance lecturer, the pension is only source of income and tax return details shows nothing.
  • He owns nothing in Pakistan nor abroad all properties are in the name of his wife.
  • His wife owns five properties including a luxury flat in Dubai.
  • The commando has two joint accounts with his wife having 21.1 million Rupees in one and in other around 591 dollars only.
  • His wife owns gold worth 1.5 million Rupees.
  • The price of the zamzama farmhouse in his wife’s name is stated as only 5 million rupees and the property in chakshezad to be 23.7 million. However, the actual market price is expected to be many times then what’s stated.

Asif Ali Zardari (Net Assets: Rs 758,669,073)

Asif Ali Zardari, widower of Pakistan’s slain opposition leader Benazir Bhutto who is running for Pakistan’s presidentship, smiles during his news conference in Islamabad, Pakistan May 30, 2008 file photo (AP Photo/B.K.Bangash,file)

Source of Income has been declared to be from Agriculture land and Business.

  • Owns 349 Acres of agriculture land with 7,399 Acres of leased farmland.
  • The earning in 2017 from Agriculture land amounted to be Rs 134016,650 and from business, the earning stated was 97,51,400 rupees. 

Imran Khan (Net Asset worth: 38.6 million rupees)

His source of Income is from agriculture land, Pension from PCB, Salary as MNA and bank profits.

  • Owns 168 acres of industrial land earned Rupee 4776,611 in 2017.
  • The bani gala mansion is stated to be of Rs 11,471,000
  • Has two dollar accounts holding $379,760 and $1470 respectively. He also has a pound account which has 7068 pounds in it.
  • He stated to possess 14 properties in Pakistan that he inherited.
  • Imran Khan has no vehicle in his name.


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