Murad Passed Three Exams in just Half-an-Hour


Former MNA Murad Saeed claims that he holds the degree of BS from the University of Peshawar. However, the PTI leader had allegedly sat, and passed, three exams in just half-an-hour.

March 2015, in breach of Regulations, the Department of Environmental Sciences arranged a quick make-up exam for Saeed, who submitted three papers in just half-an-hour. The results were also declared by the department the same day.

The University of Peshawar (UoP) has formed an inquiry committee which has recommended the cancellation of the result of a make-up exam taken by PTI’s Murad Saeed.

Federal Information Minister Pervez Rashid, while commenting on the issue, stated that the

“Murad Saeed case has revealed the true face of the Tehreek-i-Insaf. The reality of those who give others lessons on morality is evident now”

The young MNAwhile denying all allegations, has said that he is being penalized for his affiliation with the PTI, he added

 “I have never failed an exam during 16 years of my education”



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