Shah of Multan Seen on Motor Bike


Multan: Vice president Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Shah Mehmood Qureshi was seen campaigning on a motor cycle in Multan(NA-155) after PTI Chairman Imran khan had formally announced the start of election camping while addressing an impressive crowd on Monday in Mianwali.

The elections have heated the political environment of Pakistan , the Shah of Multan was seen travelling on motor bike, campaigning for his constituency (NA -155 ). Chairman Imran khan had formally given a go ahead to his team on Monday to start election campaign in their respective constituencies. Shah has served as an MNA from NA-150 Khaniwal after winning in 2013 election. Earlier the Pindi boy of Pakistani politics Shiekh Rasheed was seen on motor bike campaigning for the up coming elections in July the 25th.

While talking to, Mian Waqar supporter of PTI remarked with joy that PTI had already brought change by changing the orientation of the politics. He said the political elite in PTI have accepted the philosophy of Chairman Imran Khan and now can be seen as an ordinary citizen much more accessible to public then before. Waqar further added these acts have symbolic significance while we are campaigning for next election by reaching out to public on conveyance of an ordinary man we intend to simultaneously campaign for the change in politics of Pakistan in order to make it more poor orientated.


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