PTI promises to provide 5 million houses.

imran khan

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Monday unveiled his PTI’s election manifesto for upcoming election on 25th July, announcing that he intends to transform Pakistan in to a classic welfare state.

While presenting the manifesto Khan announced that for the Middle class of Pakistan PTI will construct 5 million houses. He explained that we have taken this initiative to address the shortage of housing in Pakistan and also the need to create jobs. This initiative will address both and in turn has the potential to help economy improve. Khan informed the audience that we have had meetings with various specialists for our housing initiative both inside and out side Pakistan. He further added that we will provide these to our people on easy installments.

According to an estimate the shortage of housing in Pakistan is more than 10 million and may increase much faster in years to come. Non of the governments have ever focused its attention to this sector ever in Pakistan.


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