PTI Presents “Road to Naya Pakistan”


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Monday unveiled his PTI’s election manifesto for upcoming election on 25th July, announcing that he intends to transform Pakistan in to a classic welfare state.

The manifesto named as “Road to Naya Pakistan”, it is composed of seven chapters and explains in detail the PTI’s agenda for the next government.

Khan before presenting the salient features of his party’s election manifesto reiterated that our government even against all odds has implemented Police reforms in KPK, he said we depoliticized police in order to increase its efficiency in serving the people of Pakistan. He added that we ensured merit prevails in police and introduced a system of accountability. He told the audience that kpk police suspended 5000 policemen guilty of corruption. He said similarly KPK government focused on education system and reformed the schools in kpk. Khan claimed that we intend to introduce similar reforms to all provinces if we manage to make government in upcoming elections.

Imran Khan said  the idea behind our manifesto  is to transform Pakistan in to a state like Madina which is a model for Islamic welfare state. He added that we want to focus our attention on the poor and weaker in our society. We want to collect tax and spend it on the poor. he said if the people are convinced that their tax wont be missued i believe people will give tax and we can increase our tax revenues. Tax collecting is a huge challenge and we also have proposed reforms in FBR for it.

He declared that he will create 10 million jobs which is a challenge. he announced that his party will construct 5 million houses to address the housing shortage, which in turn would create jobs. PTI chairman told the audience that  for providing cheap housing we have taken help from many professionals in Pakistan and abroad. He said this initiative has the potential to create jobs, encourage new construction companies to have more work and improve our economy.

khan said, “we will make NAB autonomous and will create whistle blower programs to counter epidemic of corruption. To ensure better government he said we will hold local bodies election right after general elections 2018”.

Khan said CPEC  can be a game changer if we utilize it to our advantage. He said we will rationalize defense budget and will want to initiate dialogue with India for regional peace.

Khan said “small and medium industry is back bone” –  we have provided incentives for them as well as textile industry.

He said we will capitalize on tourism potential of Pakistan this can generate revenue for the government as well as jobs for the people in remote areas.




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