Protesting against Bilawal termed as terrorism – Fir lodged


Karachi: An FIR has been lodged against the people who protested against PPP and pelted stones at Bilawal’s caravan while he visited Lyari, starting his election campaign.

According to police 13 locals and 400 unidentified people have been named in FIR that includes charges pertaining to vandalism and terrorism. Following the incident, police teams were dispatched to arrest the protesters and raids are made all over Lyari in order to punish the protesters that resorted to throw stones at Bilawal’s car. The individuals identified are being traced by their sim cards. SSP City Samiullah Sumro said we are tracing the individuals down and soon will arrest them.

Liyari town has been deeply affected by gang war which was protected by political parties in the past. Both MQM and PPP have been winning seats from Lyari but they have failed to provide the people of Lyari access to basic amenities. While talking to NewsWatch a resident of Bihar colony where protests broke out yesterday said ” people are hurt, PPP has supported peoples Amn Committee and they are responsible for the bloodshed and gang wars we faced. He added that the when Peoples Amn committee tried to exert its control all over Katchi  community populated areas such as Bihar colony, clashes broke out and we the ordinary citizens were the real victims, our kids couldn’t go to school we lost loved ones, business was destroyed, so people fear the return of Bilawal might be return of some kind of gang wars”.

Following the incident Bilawal tweeted saying that pelting stones is not protesting when you resort to it you are not a protester but a miscreant he questioned can we term taking up arms as protests? He further added that he was proud of people of Lyari who didn’t respond to the politics of violence and condemned those who sent saboteurs to disrupt his election campaign.




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