“Not a Military dictator to Run away”: Nawaz Sharif, Seeks time to hear the verdict in person


Former Prime minister Nawaz Sharif while talking to the media disclosed that he has filed an application requesting the respectable court to delay the announcement of the verdict with regards to Avenfield reference since he cannot appear before the court as his wife is still fighting for her life. However PPP co chairman Asif Ali Zardari in an interview claimed that Nawaz Sharif has already taken political asylum in London and wouldn’t come back.

Nawaz Sharif  while speaking to the media stressed that he wants to appear before the court when the verdict of the Avenfield reference is announced. He further added that I am not a coward military dictator to run away from the country or the courts. I am the representative of the People of Pakistan and will never show cowardice. Mentioning his campaign slogan (“ vote ko izzat do “ ) that relates to giving respect to the vote he said “ I know the mission that I have taken up for the people of Pakistan requires a lot of sacrifice , I am ready for whatever comes my way in achieving this mission. The people of Pakistan are standing with me for it and I will never disappoint them.  While referring to the general elections due on 25th of July he said people of Pakistan will announce their decision and all those who stand in the way of democracy will become a lesson for generations to come. He said this election will change the destiny of Pakistan.

Earlier in while speaking to media Maryam Nawaz declared that she is willing to go to jail in case the verdict in the Avenfield reference comes against her. She claimed that PMLN will never boycott election and god willing eventually will emerge victorious.





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