Intelligence Bureau, AVCC Snatched Businessman From the Jaws of Death

Latif Sorathia
Moments after Latif Sorathia was rescued by law enforcements officials.

Counter Terrorism team of Intelligence Bureau along with Anti Violent Crime Cell of police in a daring operation rescued a prominent Builder today from the jurisdiction of Gadap town after he was kidnapped on 8th May 2018.

According to the sources a notorious Criminal Gang headed by Bello Taghani kidnapped Latif Sorathiya on 8th May 2018 from the entrance of his office located in phase 8 DHA. The CCTV footage showed two masked kidnappers dragging him away on gunpoint while one of the gang member waited in the car wearing a police uniform. The kidnapping of a prominent builder and social personality from the heart of the city center sent shock waves among the business community and ordinary citizens alike – Subsequently, IG police instructed Anti-violent cell (AVCC) to ensure quick recovery of the businessman.

The Hardened criminal gang had put forth a ransom demand of 60 million rupees from the victim’s family. Despite every effort, the notorious gang managed to elude AVCC. Fearing for the safety of the businessman the police team (AVCC) had sought assistance from the highly trained counter-terrorism team of Intelligence Bureau.

According to police official involved in the operation on condition of anonymity told that it was only after Intelligence Bureau’s team had joined in, a major breakthrough was made. The CT team was successful in identifying the dangerous nexus of the hardened dacoits commanded by Bello Taghani. Consequently, a critical lead was developed by the specialized counter-terrorism team of intelligence Bureau which led to the arrest of Jomil Abro, a key member of the criminal gang who led the law enforcement authorities to pinpoint the location of the kidnapped businessman. It was after this that the most daring extraction plan was made by intelligence Bureau and AVCC.

Lateef Sorathiya
Lateef Sorathiya thanking Law Enforcement Agencies for saving his life.

While talking to a CT team member involved in the operation said his commanding officer had instructed the team just before execution of extraction plan that “we must save Latif even if we have to dive ourselves into the jaws of the death while trying” – and that’s exactly what we did.

The exact detail of extraction are kept confidential however the death-defying operation of intelligence bureau commandos and AVCC on the morning of 29th June 2018 in GADAP Town resulted in the recovery of Abdul Latif Sorathiya.

This is not the first time that intelligence bureau has showed remarkable skills in dealing with multitude of threats. The organization though operates from shadows has played the key role in countering terrorism in the country. Such joint operations and coordination between various law enforcement agencies must be encouraged which is still not at optimal levels. Moreover, their specialty in dealing with terrorism and violent crimes should not be utilized only to protect elite class. It’s about time that every resource necessary must be utilized to ensure the safety of the people of Pakistan.


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