Good bye Bilawal Good bye – Lyari Chants Anti PPP Slogans.


Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s election campaign suffered a setback today when residents of his birthplace Lyari received him with stones and chanted slogans saying “Goodbye PPP Goodbye”.

Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto has decided to contest election from NA -246 Lyari and vowed to retake the seat that had been taken by MQM in 2013 elections. While talking to media Bilawal Bhutto said ” this is my first election and I am here to fulfill the promises of my late mother Benazir Bhutto, he further added PPP after winning election 2018 will form a government that will only work for the public interest. Subsequently, Bilawal Bhutto announced to start PPP’s election campaign from his birthplace and PPP’s historic stronghold Liyari.

“They have made us beg” a protestant in Lyari Screaming in Front of Camera

According to the sources On his arrival, the people of Bihar colony started protesting against PPP. Within no time the number of protesters increased and the voice of the protesters chanting Anti-PPP slogan kept getting louder and louder. As the things got heated tempers increased and few protesters started to throw stones at the motorcade of PPP chairperson breaking windscreens of luxury vehicles which were accompanying Bilawal Bhutto. It is reported that the caravan had to be stopped and the driver of Bilawal’s car had to reverse in order to escape the angry mob.

PPP Flag on Fire
Residents of “Bihar Colony-Lyari” Burning the Flag of PPP on Bilawal Bhutto’s Arrival

PPP’s top leadership denounced the behavior of the people of “Bihar colony” and claimed that these people do not represent the people of Lyari rather they were political workers of opponents. Mustafa Khokar spokesperson of Bilawal remarked “Parties who engage in politics of violence won’t be able to stop our way,” he said. “To violence, We have always responded by political action.”

Liyari over the years has suffered from worst kind of gang war and even after a thousand promises by politicians, the people of Lyari still do not have access to basic amenities. A resident of Bihar colony while talking to news watch Pakistan said we are sick and tired of their lies, now we won’t let them enter our neighborhood they can enter only after they have delivered, their promises have no value.


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