Dr Aafia Sexually Abused, Tortured – Claims Counsel General’s Report


According to a report from Pakistan’s Counsel General in Houston Aisha Farooqi , with regards to her two hour long meeting with Aafia Siddique on 23rd May 2018 in Federal Medical Center Carsewell in Texasto , Aafia Siddique told Farooqi that she had been sexually and physically abused repeatedly and is facing worst form of mental torture including use of drugs to make her confused and incoherent during her ongoing imprisonment. She accused her case supervisor Annie Noblett along with two others of attempting to rape her in February.

She told Farooqi that her privacy was repeatedly violated and mentioned the difficulties she is facing to practice Islam since the place was unhygienic. She told her that she was given sewage water for abolition. She accused jail staff to have urinated on her possession in an attempt to ridicule her.

She requested the Counsel General to make her family change her lawyers, Kathy and Steven (based in New York), since they were not sincere or trustworthy. She added that the only person she could trust was Tina Foster her former attorney as she was a Muslim and had earlier helped her in case of her sons release from secret prison in Afghanistan jail.

Dr Aafia while talking to Farooqi accused the former Ambassador to US, Hussain Haqqani’s personal assistant Asif Hussain of stealing the two million dollar allocated by the Government of Pakistan for her trial.

Dr Aafia replying to a question by Aisha Farooqi with regards to her desire to meet her family said, she didn’t want her family to visit her as she feared for their safety. She told that her mother was once arrested during 2010/2011 during her trial and hardly managed to get out after her lawyers had intervened.

According to the report when Counsel General Farooqi asked Aafia as to why she had opted not to apply for a Review Appeal , Dr Aafia replied that because she never expected justice from the same judge. She termed her trail to be sham and her lawyers incompetent.

Dr Aafia siddique again maintained that she had not been involved in any terrorist activity nor had any contact with any banned outfit or Al-Qaida chief OBL.

According to the report Dr Aafia refused to be photographed but wrote a message to her mother stating that she has NOT “ fallen on the path of Prophet lut’s people”.(Homosexuality)

The report by Counsel General in Houston” Aisha Farooqi “pleads to take up the case at highest forum possible to make repatriation of the Aafia Sidique possible, so that she can be protected from the inhumane behavior of jail authorities in US and can meet her family and children which she has not been able to for last eight painful years.
Aisha Farooqi in her report has recommended the Govt of Pakistan to write a written request to US Department Of Justice for and inquiry into the allegations put forward by Dr Aafia Siddique. The report further suggests that all possible measure should be taken to ensure that the sanctity of Dr Aafia Siddique be protected as a Muslim and as a Women.

Earlier on June 6th 2018, Supreme Court had declared the petition concerning repatriation of Aafia Siddique maintainable. Later On 7th June during hearing of the case ordered the Federal government to find out within three days the well being of Dr Aafia. However nothing has been presented before the honorable court in this regard till now.
Fauzia Siddique has reportedly submitted the report of the Counsel General Aisha Farooqi along her formal plea and requested the honorable Supreme Court to consider it as a case material.

Mean while Fuazia Siddique expressed her deep regret and sorrow after reading the complete report of the meeting by Counsel General Aisha Farooqi and also on the fact that federal government still has not complied to supreme court’s order. However according to Counsel General Aisha Farooqi, she found Dr Aafia extremely hopeful, determined and having complete faith in Allah and the people of Pakistan. She said Dr Aafia believed that god willing she will be out of this prison sooner or later.
US federal court in New York sentenced Dr Aafia to 86 years in prison On February 3, 2010.


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