Jibran Nasir Manhandled – A Victim or an Opportunist?


Jibran Nasir a social activist and a politician was briefly detained by police when he refused to give way to the convoy of Sindh High Court’s judge Justice Faisal Kamal passing through Khaleequzzaman road on Monday.

According to the sources Jibran Nasir was driving on Khaleeq-uz-Zaman road when the high court’s judge Justice Faisal Kamal along with his convoy approached Jibran’s vehicle from behind. The security officer signaled him to give way but he refused to oblige, following which they rushed passed him from the side. On the next signal, Jibran got into an altercation again with the security staff after which they took action against him.

Earlier While Jibran Nasir was being taken to the police station he uploaded a Facebook live video, in which he said that he was badly beaten and his clothes were torn off. He added that his car was pushed to to the side of the road, and when in protest, he tried to stop the convoy, he was badly beaten up.

However, in a later video, he claimed that he only rolled down the window of the car and asked the security personnel why his car was pushed to a side, on this, the security personnel pointed a loaded gun at him and asked him to get lost. He further adds that the security convoy went ahead, however, he chased the convoy till the next signal. While he was in a lane parallel to that of the convoy, he tried to peek into the judge’s vehicle. On this the security guards came to inquire, consequently, he got out of the car and got into an altercation after which he was badly beaten up and bundled into a police van. He claimed that I was detained without any charge.

While Omer Shahid SSP South tweeted that “Mr Jibran Nasir was involved in a road rage incident in which he tried to block the vehicle of a senior member of the judiciary after that vehicle crossed him on the road”

In another tweet, SSP Omer Shahid tweeted

In response to the SSP  Omer Shahid’s tweet Mr. Jibran Nasir tweeted that I was told that I have been brought to the police station on the orders of High court’s judge. Jibran claimed that once media got involved the behavior of police changed and they showed some respect towards me and subsequently i was allowed to leave. Jibran stressed in his tweet that I want to know my crime under which law was I beaten up and brought here?

According to a senior law enforcement officer on the condition of anonymity told the “newswatchpakistan.com” that Mr. Jibran Nasir reacted strongly when the security protocol rushed passed him, He said even though Jibran claims his clothes were torn they were not. Secondly, he pointed that he himself claimed in his first video “I tried to stop the convoy when they rushed past me” but then in the second video claimed that he only rolled down the window and inquired the security staff as to why his car was pushed to a side.

Most of the security Personnel didn’t know who he was and thus acted accordingly, he was initially warned when he got into an altercation but when he chased the convoy and tried to block its way, got out of the car and tried to come closer to the vehicle to see who was inside,  the security personnel were left with no choice but to react –according to him it was purely a road rage incident as tweeted by SSP Omer Shahid. He said security of the esteemed judges is the prime responsibility of the state. Mr. Jibran Nasir’s behavior was uncalled for. His account of the story is exaggerated and seems contradictory; it seems he intends to gain media coverage out of this incident for his election campaign. He added that it’s shameful that at times People who claim to be social activists misuse their fame and believe they have the liberty to act irresponsibly.


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