NAB Not To Arrest any politician till 25th of July

National Accountability Bureau

National Accountability Bureau has announced today that it would not arrest any politician facing corruption charges till 25th July.

According to the sources the NAB’s executive board decided to put off the investigation in Pending cases against politician in order to make it clear that it has nothing to do with politics and elections. The decision came after Nab was criticized for acting as a tool to influence elections when the watchdog arrested the Qamar-ul-Islam, a candidate of NA–59 contenting elections against Ch Nisar the former interior minister.

In its statement, NAB specially mentioned to halt inquiries against PMLN heavyweights Khwaja Asif and Rana Mashood till 25th of July in order to make it clear that it doesn’t want to influence the upcoming elections.

However, the Nabs spokesman reiterated that in case during this period any order is passed by the superior judiciary with respect to the corruption inquiries, it will be implemented in letter and spirit.


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