Accept Pirate Families or Give Imran a Chance!


Penthouse pirates! what a stroke of genius! There couldn’t have been a better name to describe the Sharifs. Reading the article brought about a kind of relief as it meant that someone out there also saw the truth and more importantly, that there was a crack in the international resolve to force the corrupt as leaders on us. To be frank, I dont know how influential daily mail is and we, every now and then do see international media exposing the pirates within us with no meaning whatsoever. But still, there is no harm in hoping against hope!

Like it or not Imran khan is emerging as a figure that exposed the pirates in the first place and is claiming to be going after them. Even though khan isn’t new to our lives or the political scene, there is a very strange thinking pattern observable in the prospective voter. We don’t seem to have made up our minds yet. There is heavy criticism at every less than perfect move he makes. Media goes into a frenzy, the pirates start celebrating and general public starts mourning the death of an ideal! look closely and you will see a very different set of standards being applied to him while judging him coupled with a very superficial understanding of the situation. we are quick to react but too lazy or indifferent to give things much thought.

Take the electables issue for example. Democracy demands an informed, independent voter for its success. You can imagine what a a small percentage of our population falls under this category. Politics of electable is well entrenched in our system. But the changes required to transform the voter can only be brought about by people at the top. To all those who say philanthropy work was enough for khan and and other well meaning citizens, I beg to differ. The rot in our society has crossed a certain limit and necessitates urgent remedial steps. Nothing less than being at the helm of affairs can fix it.

So how do you get to the top? Many of you will say fair play or no play. Some of you will talk of bloody revolutions. lets discuss both.
Sticking with the ideals and the non electable novices to politics means abandoning the ship. It means leaving the battlefield empty. Compromises need to be made to get to power which is itself a means to an end. Even if khan achieves a reasonable degree of success in power and sets the country on the right course, it will be a great achievement. Soon there will be no space for the electables and they will eventually suffocate and drop out of the game.

A bloody revolution comes to mind but is that really what we want right now? The answer definitly is a resounding negative. Firstly because even revolutions need masses with reasonable intellect for its true success. Extreme poverty and ignorance clouds the opinion of our masses. They cant be trusted to carry out this tremendous task. Besides, with our multiple ethnicities and religious diversity a revolution can only bring more chaos and tragedy. Lets not forget the sad ending of middle eastern revolutions.

Imran khan addressing the nation after he met an accident during 2013 election campaign, File photo.

So what options are khan and all well meaning citizens left with? Going along with the electables to get to power in order to put the country on the right course seems to be the only option available. All it takes is faith in khan and theres a fair chance that he will prove true to his promise considering his background. Its either this or a perpetual slavery of the two pirate families. I for one, am ready to take a chance. theres not much to lose anyways !


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