Imran’s one phone call enough to change ECL policy, Zulfi Bukhari flies off to Saudia.

Caretaker Prime minister justice Nasir ul Mulk takes notice of

removing Zulfi Bukhari’s name off ECL without following legal procedure. The Interior Ministry has been asked to provide an explanation of this special treatment and violation of ECL policy.

Imran Khan with his friend Zulfi Bukhari left for Saudia Arabia to perform Umrah on a chartered plane from Nur Khan air base. Immigration department stopped Zulfi from leaving the country but Imran Khan’s one phone call changed rules and his friend’s name was discarded from ECL then and there. According to the notification, it is a one-time permission and he is to return back within six days.
Bukhari having dual nationality owns multiple offshore companies and is a multi-millionaire. His name appeared in the Panamagate scandal. Nab requested interior ministry to put his name on exit control list after he refused to respond to NAB’S repeated notifications.
According to the revised  ECL policy given by the government in 2015 to remove the name off ECL, the individual had to give a written application to the institution that placed his name on ECL. Then the concerned institution has to send a written request to the ministry of interior, and then by the approval of interior minister the name could be discarded off the Exit Control List. In case of Zulfi Bukhari Imran Khans, one call was enough to bypass the policy and procedure set by the government of Pakistan


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